93 Summer Day Blooms: 2017

Summer 2017 flitted by in the garden like a corsage carousel. I tried to catch it once a day. Off it flew, a magic act in a cloud of pixie dust. (The photos that follow were taken with a Nikon D50 and 18-55mm lens.)

Rogue Bamboo Cut In Glover Archbold

“Quite honestly, the law should be: if it gets out of your property, then you are responsible legally and financially for removing it,” said bamboo enthusiast Anna Foleen. “If people would just pass that law, life would be a lot easier.”

Hardy Park Garden Part Of D.C. Growing

A ribbon of community garden at Hardy Park in Washington, D.C., has steadily worked its way along the fences of the ball courts and play areas, as longtime neighborhood residents and newcomers pursue the will of their green thumbs. But community gardening can be a thorny proposition.