Fighting Invasive Plants In Glover Park

GANP Invasives 5-3-2017 DSC_0733

PARK CLEANUP: Eighth graders from the West Coast and Georgetown joined up on Wednesday afternoon for a skirmish with invasive plants on the west side of Glover Archbold National Park at 44th Street. The students from St. Joseph School in Seattle were on the annual class trip to the nation’s capital and teamed up for the service project with their counterparts at Holy Trinity School on 36th Street. St. Joseph Principal Patrick Fennessy, left, and Holy Trinity Principal Charlie Hennessy worked with John Maleri of the Rock Creek Conservancy on the project to pull out pervasive garlic mustard and ground ivy. They filled 47 bags and piled them at the top of the hill for removal. “We bring out groups all the time to different areas of the park to help remove it,” Maleri said. The tall and scraggly white-flowered mustard garlic and the aggressive creeping ivy have defied eradication efforts over the years. Photo Credit: John A. Bray