Garden Poetry Book, Ecology Art (She-Mantis Chronicle)

In dynamic light verse and alluring images, She-Mantis Chronicle: Prey, Wait, Procreate portrays the incredible life and times of an apex garden insect. “The she-mantis has come/Leggy and lithesome/Summer turning autumn/A pang in her tum … .”

Author: John A. Bray’s writing has appeared in many publications, including The New York Times and The Saturday Evening Post. Bray was an editor, writer and photographer at Taunton’s Kitchen Garden Magazine and a Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan. Bray publishes

Format: 6 in. by 7 in., Perfect Bound Paperback

Width: 0.166 in.

Weight: 3 oz.

Pages: 48, Text, Close-Up Color Photos, Art

Price: $12.00

Contact: 202-337-4115

Sample Pages: