Montreal Still Life


Photo Credit: John A. Bray

ONE PEAR, A BITE: Across Rue Sherbrooke from the entrance to McGill University in Montreal, I encountered a young man perched atop the backrest of a bench.

It was Sunday morning, September 4, 2016. He was engrossed in the open laptop computer on his knees. He didn’t seem to be aware or care that a squirrel was making off with the bun top of the burger in the box on the seat. The sleeve of French fries was full. A drink cup with a straw was between his legs. He wore a McGill T-shirt.

He was silent. La Lecon was in progress, as I could only assume it had been since he was dropped off there in 2012 by his creator, Cedric Loth.

On the laptop screen: Steve Jobs Est Mort 1955-2011

© 2016 John A. Bray