Montreal Lunch Loaf


Photo Credit: John A. Bray

WHAT MORE?: The bustling bounty of a recent summer Saturday at Marche Atwater in Montreal provided an extravagant lunch of a crusty baguette, $2.40; a round of chevre, $3.50; a chilly limonade mangue, $2.95; and an ice cold chocolate milk in a thick bottle, $3.60*. My wife and I, visiting from our home in Washington, D.C., walked a few steps from the market to savor the meal beside the Lachine Canal. A street musician strummed his guitar and sang, sounding vaguely like “The Boss”.

* Price does not include the $2 deposit added for the chocolate milk bottle, which now sits in a windowsill of our home serving time as a souvenir, perhaps to be repatriated some day.


Photo Credit: John A. Bray

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