Super Lemon Moon


SUPER LEMON MOON: A Meyer lemon measuring 10 inches around and 5.5 inches long hangs in the branches of the tree in front of my bedroom window. Photo Credit: John A. Bray

It isn’t every year that my Meyer lemon tree produces a fruit measuring 10 inches around and 5.5 inches long. In fact, until this year, it never had. It was a concentrated effort. Not another of the spring blossoms yielded fruit.

In November, I brought the tree inside and installed it in its winter quarters at my bedroom window. The lemon was reaching its apogee, a citrus event coinciding with what NASA says was the closest approach to Earth of a supermoon since 1948. I didn’t get a good look at the supermoon before it faded. I’ll enjoy the sight of my super lemon hanging in the night branches for a while longer. And then I’ll harvest it.


As harvested, December 25, 2016. Photo Credit: John A. Bray

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